… African Street-Style Festival 2016 worked with recent graduates from the London College of Fashion.

    Picture: LightDojo

    Styling: Henrietta O’Conner


    Image: Molax Productions

    Irineu Nogueira Dance performance at African Street-Style 2016..


    Image: Molax Productions

    Family Atlantica brought South American vibes and story, merged with African rhythm…


  • .. photo-shoots are an essential ingredient of the African Street Style Festival… LCF student, Jessica Jasmine presenting her styles to the masses…

  • … SOBOYE once again adorns the festival with his distinct take on design, merging ‘swag’ with African vibrancy and absolute  style… whether guys….

  • …. or the presentation of stunning beauty from his women’s collection and styling

  • Ben Summers is a progressive artist, whose work draws on the  dynamics and observations experienced in the  concepts of sharing public space…

  • Zec Luhana Street-Dance team rounded things off wonderfully with their vibrancy and terrific choreography ….!!

African Street Style Festival 2016

The African Street Style Festival weekend 2016 took place over Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July.  The weekend programme covered an amazing concert at the Shoreditch Church, bringing together  arabic vocals, acoustic guitar….. followed by afrobeat infused punk…  The Street-Style Festival wonderfully took over the streets of Shoreditch, with amazing dance, live performance, and the presentation of  incredible fashion and style!

The whole SIMPLICIOUS site is being re-designed, but we have a few images to provide a little taster of the weekend! 

All image credits: Molax Prodcutions (unless otherwise stated…)